"Buscando Al Zorro", now playing in the Dominican Republic. / by Jaime Marcelo

Last year in early 2018, the feature length film Buscando Al Zorro finished post-production.


“Buscando Al Zorro” is a film about daily life in the Dominican Republic and the strained relationship between a father and his nine year old son, who journey through the country in search of the titular Zorro.

Working on the music for this film was a special process. After playing around with some demos and ideas in late 2016 while the film was being edited, I began truly scoring in early 2017 shortly after my brother Gabe passed away. I dedicated the opening theme of the film to him by the primary melody containing the notes G-A-B-E. This theme ended up becoming a major recurring element throughout the film, twisted and turned in various ways to match the emotional content of a few particular moments. I trended toward organic sounds, performing a great deal of acoustic guitar as the grounding element of the music supported by solo violin, full strings, and numerous elements of hand percussion. The climax of the film features a full orchestral bombast and was a lot of fun to put together.

If you find yourself in the Dominican Republic, you can see “Buscando Al Zorro” April 11th, 2019 at any Palacio Del Cine throughout the country.