Video Games

- Celestial Bodies - Oculus VR Experience at Museum of Sex in NYC. (sound design, integration)
- Devader * – In development (Q1/2017 Steam Release), isometric twin-stick shooter. (voice acting, additional sound design)
A Star Falls* - Pandagon Studios, 1st person sci-fi/survival horror, multi-platform, in development. Music and sound design.
Venturi- Negative Zero Studios, space dungeon crawler RPG, multi-platform, - in development. Music and sound design.
Downchimney Simulator 20X7 - Christmas themed Downwell-like for the Idle Thumbs Winter Wizard Jam 2015. Music and sound design. 
Specimen - Diadem Studios, puzzle game, on iOS. Music and sound design.
- Star Crossed - endless side scrolling shooter, made during Ludum Dare 30 game jam. Music and sound design.
- Sea's Bounty - isometric item collecting browser game. Music and sound design.
- Astrocat - side scrolling arcade game a la Flappy Bird, on Google Play. Music and sound design.


- Black Summer (Season 1) - Netflix Series (4 episodes): sound effects editor.
- Z Nation (Season 5) – Syfy Network series (12 episodes): sound effects editor (guns & zombies).
- Extra/Ordinary (Season 1) – Web series (7 episodes): re-recording mixer and sound designer.
- The Final Callback – short film: sound editor and sound designer.
- Tali Jams NY – web series: dialogue and sound editor.
- Cake – short film: re-recording mixer and sound designer.
- Tough Mudder: Toughter Together – TV documentary movie: dialogue editor.
- Jimbo – feature length film: re-recording mixer and sound effects editor.
- Buscando Al Zorro – feature length drama: music score.
- Cuando Marta dijo adios – short film: music score.
- Marjoun and the Flying Headscarf – feature length film: sound editor.

- Z Nation (Season 4) - Syfy Network series (12 episodes): sound effects editor.
- The Restaurant - feature length film: additional music.
The Midnight Archive: The Occult Collector - short doc: dialogue edit, sound design and mix.
The Midnight Archive: Clockwork Monsters - short doc: dialogue edit and mix.
The Midnight Archive: WHAT IS IT REAL(LY)? - short doc: dialogue edit and mix.
- Atomic Homefront - feature length HBO documentary: sound effects editor.
- Bronx Gothic - feature length documentary: sound effects editor.
- Buscando Al Zorro* - feature length drama: music score.
- Guardian Angel - DTX Pictures, short film: music score.
- Helping Hand - DTX Pictures, short film: music score.
- Up In The Airshort film documentary: dialog editing and mixing.
- El Caminotrailer: sound editing and mixing.
- Self HelpDTX Pictures, short film: music score.
- Thin Blue Line - DTX Pictures, short film: sound design and music score.
Harlem Focus Title Theme - thematic sound design, used as the intro and outro for a series of twelve documentaries.
- Rest Stop - DTX Pictures, short film: music score. Screened at Action on Film International Film Festival in LA.
- Life On Wheels - short film: music score, dialog & sound editing, mixing.
- The Man In The Black Suit - short film: sound design and music score. Screened at Dominican Film Festival of NY 2015.
- Just In NY - pilot: dialog editing and mixing.
- What's In The Casing - short film: sound design and music score.
- Bully Short - short film: sound design and music score.
- Not Like This - short film: sound design and additional ambient music.

* in production


Balsam Hill "Summer Sale" - broadcast for US, UK, and AU: dialogue edit and mix.
- Balsam Hill "Santa's Phone" and "Xmas in Bed" - broadcast spots: dialogue edit and mix.
- American Horror Story: Cult - reveal trailers: voice & sound design, pre-mix.
- Nvidia GSX (with Cisco) - convention spot: dialogue edit and mix.
- Cisco "The Network Intuitive" (feat. John Goodman) - dialogue edit and mix.
- Newschools Venture Summit - short docs on education: dialogue edit and mix.
- AOK Nordost and Cisco - in-house commercial, with IKA Collective: dialogue edit and mix.